30 August 2006


look at how beatiful this mitered square blanket is!
i am so inspired by the ladies over at masondixonknitting. i am in awe of this masterpiece of modern design-know-how and old-timey craftiness. a perfect combination, in my book.
anyhoo, this is going to be the big winter project. i'm sure there will be other sorts of things: mittens, hats, socks and the like. but this baby, she's the winner! yahoo! i can't wait to start knitting...
first, i've got to buy their book. then, buy the yarn. then, get going.
thank goodness friday is payday, eh?

29 August 2006


i am eating smarties and it is lovely. i haven't had them in so long, and it turns out that they are just delicious.

25 August 2006

a weekend off-the-island?

this weekend the big gq and i are going on an adventure. for some reason, he's really excited. usually he moans about leaving the island, but not this time. this time he's stoaked to be going away. hmm. maybe it's because we're going to see bob dylan. twice. or, maybe it's because we're going to see jimmie vaughan. twice. or maybe it has to do with the fact that we're going to see junior brown. twice. and that he is my dad's first cousin, so there is the possibility (however remote) of us going back stage and hanging out. really. it is a slim hope, but an honest-to-god possibility. and i think that the big gq thinks that they might invite him to jam. which, in all reality, is the remotest of remote of all the possibilities. but one can dream, can't they?
full report to come next week. have a great weekend, y'all, i'm off.
oh! and i might get to drive some because we're using his mom's car, which has these pedals that are adjustable, and therefore i can reach them even with my stubby little legs! unbelievable!

23 August 2006

the spinto band

the spinto band is awesome. i know of them because two members went to my alma mater, which i cannot spell right now. anyhoo, they are just grand. go check out their music. you will like it. i promise.

20 August 2006

summer blankets

yesterday was the day after my mom's birthday, so she came up to the mid-coast region to hang out for the day. we went a bunch of places, the highlight being: swan's island blankets.

at the swan's island blankets show-room, they show you everything from the sheep to the yarn to the dying room to the loombs. it is unbelievable. the blankets are highly expensive, think baby blankets starting at around $200, but they are beautiful.

some of the wool comes from sheep that live untended on a little island in penobscot bay. it is called nash island and the sheep are its only residents. the owners of SIB travel out with a flock of volunteers to round up the sheep and shear them.

i can't even imagine the hours that go into each blanket. i really want one. all the dyes are natural, so the colors are really simple but lovely. the blankets are designed after blankets that used to be a maine staple, they are woven in a way so that they are the perfect weight for year round use. SIB now also makes winter weight blankets, which are sort of quilt/comforter style, with two individual layers that are woven together regularly to make these, i guess, pockets. anyhoo, check it out. it is amazing.

18 August 2006

a little blue

i have been feeling like sad marilyn recently. so, here she is as inspiration! (remember in some like it hot when she plays the ukeulele? it's just so bloody inspirational.)

16 August 2006

purl patchwork is up!

check it out! one of the best knitting-shops in new york city (purlsoho, of course) has a fraternal twin, purl patchwork. it's all about quilting and it is fantastic. really. here is just one wee but fantastic sample of what they have to offer. go to visit!

i like to ride in trucks.