25 January 2009

in a nutshell

so, here is a quick summary of the trip to dc...

day 1. drive to portland, deposit cats. drive to boston.
day 2. drive to connecticut. lunch with t.l. jones, into brooklyn. dinner with them all. woop! oysters and wine, my friends. in brooklyn, the ceiling cries.
day 3. run around like crazy in the city, leave around 9 with asa and beth to drive to dc.
day 4. go to concert with sweet tickets at the lincoln memorial. transfer to other house out by american university.
day 5. go to finance committee breakfast, the zoo, reception for mainers at the inauguration.
day 6. inauguration day! try and fail to get into the inauguration, damn those blue tickets. end up standing by a fence with all sorts of really great people. party at chellie's house, nap, a trip to the eastern ball. the big gq vs. the cops.
day 7. drive to nyc with asa and beth and elliot. in a golf. train to ct to see t.l.jones. drive to boston. sleep, finally.
day 8. drive to portland, fetch cats, groceries, book it. make the middle boat, woop!

ok! yay! it was great.

20 January 2009

we are alive and at the inauguration

and we made the portland press herald! woop!
we didn't actually get to see the inauguration, but we did hear it. it turned out to be a little bit of anarchy. the blue section basically didn't take anyone, so, it was a crazy day. i was sad, but oh well. and, we are still going to the ball.
details to follow! woop!

14 January 2009


\annie b. and the bunny snowshoeing. by a rock.

13 January 2009

so, it's official

the big gq and i are inauguration bound. hoo-hah! i know it's official because the man just purchased a tuxedo for the ball. he clearly means business.
in other news, i am eating (and loving) potato salad. i almost spelled that with an "e", who am i, dan quayle?
*image from www.bensakoguchi.com

08 January 2009

camden fire department rescues baby jesus

from village soup, title is a link to the full story:

CAMDEN (Jan 5): When the baby Jesus figurine went missing from a nativity scene at St. Thomas' Episcopal Church on Chestnut Street in Camden over Christmas, the Rev. John Rafter said he was not interested in trying to search for who did it or why, he just hoped the figure would turn up and be safely returned to the church.