29 December 2006

out with the old, in with the

happy 2007! may it bring peace to us all!

28 December 2006

Here it is, already after Christmas

can you believe it? 2006 has flown by, and so much has happened. the gist of it being: i am now living on an island (surrounded by water) 13 miles out to sea with two cats and one large-sized man. that, my friends, makes 2006 a doozy.
one more set of facts: i have been at my new job for 21 weeks now, we'll say that i haven't been in the office (including holidays and working from home) 9 times. that means that since 10 august 2006, i have taken a boat on 96 days, with an approximate hours-on-the-boat total of 220.8 hours. can you believe that? that is 9.2 full days of boat time. holy crap. no wonder i'm not getting anything done.
anyhoo, i had a swell holiday. much fun and festivities, but i am so relieved to be done. and, for the first time ever, i am fully committed to doing nothing for new years eve. fantastic. i'm going to watch movies and cure myself of exhaustion. and, i am oh-so happy that christmas is another year away.
there is no news on the crafting front, unfortunately. i have been way too swamped with work and holidays and crippling tendinitis to make stuff. boo to that. i did make some holiday truffles, as i do every year, with a new mystery flavor. i'm only going to say that it was delish.
see you!

16 December 2006


so, as stated before, i am the worst blogger ever. but, as d.cripple says, you can only do what you can only do.
on the cripple front, i went to the massage therapist for a little pick-me-up, turns out that i've got tons of things happening and i needed some fixin', but, i've had all this pain in my arms and shoulders and neck. turns out? tendonitis. what did i do? knit. and type. so much that i injured myself.
can you believe it? i knit so much that i hurt myself. and now doing things like opening a jar is a monumentous task.
for the last two nights we've had holiday chorus concert. it went pretty well, way better on night #2. my dad, the conductor, had this deal where he made me sing my own part. that is some pressure, friends. pressure.
i'm sure that there's a video of it somewhere, so maybe i'll post it. you'll all weep from laughter, i'm sure.
as piggy is burrowing under my blanket to demand attention, i'm gonna run.
see you!

06 December 2006

anniemade, TW

hello hello. i am officially the worst blogger ever. it turns out that when there is actually enough work to do at work, then i don't have enough time to post. funny how that works, eh?
anyhoo, tons has happened since my last post.
1. i am officially 26, which means (as the big gq likes to emphasize) that i need to round up to thirty. hats off to that!
2. thanksgiving, for you miss meggy, happened at my dad's house. 20 people? i'm not sure. the day before i had a stomach virus. can you believe it? so, the thanksgiving meal was extra-delicious due to my near-starvation status. unfortunately, grammie couldn't come due to needing to go to the hospital. she is ok, but fell and hurt her hip. here's a good grammie story: she has been noticing that there are lots of oak leaves in her pond. like, lots of oak leaves. so, she has figured out that someone must be putting all of their oak leaves into her pond. this is something that she does not support. so, how does she solve this problem? well, call the cops, of course! oh, grammie. (i'm sure that you sane people out there realize that no one is putting leaves in her pond, and that she is just a bit, well, less-than-sane sometimes.)
3. secret pal. i've been awful at this. turns out that the end of the calendar year is incredibly busy in a non-profit. so, my attention has been there. i'm sorry to disappoint you all. i feel the necessary amounts of guilt, don't worry.
4. next week i am doing a craft fair in portland, me, if anyone's around. happy hour and crafts at una martini bar, 5-8 o'clock on the 11th of december. come one, come all! cosmos and 1970s style wrist cuffs... need i say more?
5. my job is still iffy. turns out, i've got a little too much brain to be running this particular operation. like, i am not all that great at monotony. and, this job will have some great opportunities to be creative and smart, once i pan off the mundane stuff on another employee. watch out! i am aiming to be back in new york in 12 or 13 months. who can tell, though?
6. the littles. charming as always, but bingo is itchy. this frontline business is not working so well. i'm going to get him a cone, another photo to watch for. ha. bingo in a cone.
7. in tres sad news, marmar's "orange man", seymour, aka mr. pants had to be put down. she is distraught, of course. which is another reason to come have a cocktail at una next week!
8. and, christmas is almost here! wowza. i've gotta do some planning, eh?

that's all for now. i'm going to be better about this starting next week, i hope. the job will slow back to its normal pace, and i'll be able to keep my wits about me.
see you!