25 August 2006

a weekend off-the-island?

this weekend the big gq and i are going on an adventure. for some reason, he's really excited. usually he moans about leaving the island, but not this time. this time he's stoaked to be going away. hmm. maybe it's because we're going to see bob dylan. twice. or, maybe it's because we're going to see jimmie vaughan. twice. or maybe it has to do with the fact that we're going to see junior brown. twice. and that he is my dad's first cousin, so there is the possibility (however remote) of us going back stage and hanging out. really. it is a slim hope, but an honest-to-god possibility. and i think that the big gq thinks that they might invite him to jam. which, in all reality, is the remotest of remote of all the possibilities. but one can dream, can't they?
full report to come next week. have a great weekend, y'all, i'm off.
oh! and i might get to drive some because we're using his mom's car, which has these pedals that are adjustable, and therefore i can reach them even with my stubby little legs! unbelievable!

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