28 January 2007

winter photos

island kids love the ferry.
boats and vinalhaven.
downtown #1

downtown #2
in other news, i received my secret pal package, and it's awesome. i don't have a camera right now, so i can't photograph the goodies. let's just say that i'm not that only person who is really really excited by the insides of the cardboard box. the littles have re-discovered their love of catnip! yeah! there are two books, including one skein, which is fantastic. and, a bunch of really nice soft yarns, including a white angora blend that is almost good enough to eat. thanks tina! i do have to say, though, that this SP9 experience has been a challenge, on my end and tina's, i think. turns out the holiday season is not conducive to me being successful at this, so, i learned a Big Lesson from this, too. it has been really fun, though! thanks again, chemical pink....

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Tina said...

I'm really glad you enjoyed your package! I wasn't sure on the orange-y yarn, but I personally loved the way the colors blended without being variegated. I left one thing out of the package by mistake, but it's small enough to fit in an envelope, so I'll be sending a card with the last gifty inside!