28 February 2007

deep-fried collard greens just seems like a publicity stunt

From Phobia to Fame: A Southern Cook’s Memoir

Published: February 28, 2007

IS mayonnaise the food lover’s Botox?

One look at Paula Deen, the Food Network’s face of Southern food, and you have to wonder. Ms. Deen may be best known for drinking straight melted butter on television, but she also soaks Krispy Kreme doughnuts with custard, deep-fries refrigerator biscuits, and isn’t above digging her diamond-crusted fingers into a bowl of pimento cheese to make sure the cream cheese is blending in smoothly. In one afternoon last week, making the Southern lunch classics that started her cooking career — ham salad, pimento cheese, and an irresistible egg salad mixed with saltines — she went through two full jars of mayonnaise.

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