22 March 2007

no impact man

today i read the article, The Year Without Toilet Paper, in the New York Times. it is fascinating. this family is living in new york, on the ninth floor of their apartment building, and they are trying to leave no impact on the world for one year. this is very interesting, as most tree-hugging environmentalists live in rural areas. check out his blog here. definitely go and read the full article here.


Katie said...

You didn't find them to be poseurs? Living in their fifth ave apartment? Buying Eames era stuff? (It's used so it's okay.) Getting everything at the farmer's market? Having one parent who's job is being an environmental experiment, staying at home and baking bread? Please. While the sentiment is nice and every little bit counts, it just shows how out of touch New Yorkers really are.

annie b. said...

oh, miss katie. all riled up. i know, there are some really inane things about this. but, at least they're doing something. and getting press. two good things, methinks. and, bear in mind, that their lifestyle was in a certain way BEFORE they're conversion. if they had thrown out all their fancy modern furniture, would that have been a better choice? um, no. and, speaking as someone who can no longer go to the green market, i gotta say that i wish i could buy my groceries there. it is the sort of hyper-educated-experiment-with-my-life-in-order-to-impact-others-and-therefore-be-famous attitude that gets me. mmhmmm.