31 December 2008

so, here it is, almost 2009

so, i guess it is time for me to start paying attention to this blog again. i have recently begun to renew my knitting obsession, which i think is a sign that i finally have a handle on this commuting/island living thing. i mean, there are always things to work, aren't there? namely the kitchen, but that's a whole different story.

things that i'd like to focus on in the coming year (maybe if i write them down i'll pay more attention to them? cough cough.)
1. learning to be more responsible with my resources. (all types... money, food, time, energy, etc.)
2. focusing on preparation for each week, like, having healthy foods prepared ahead of time. maybe this one is really learn to think ahead.
3. living more sustainably/green what have you.
4. making more stuff. everything that i can make, i'd like to. knit, sew, stamp, cook, bake, even cleaning products and personal cleansers.... we'll see about that.

ok, those goals aren't too lofty, right? ha.
the only thing that i'm certain will happen in 2009 is my 10 year high school reunion. isn't that insane? i just can't even believe it.

anyhoo, here i am signing off for now. i am pledging to update more often in 2009. but, we all know how these things are.

feliz ano nuevo!

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