19 October 2006

four things

Four jobs I’ve had:

*Lotion sales-person a la the mall
*House Chair
*stage manager for the worst person ever
*costume coordinator for two Oren Shai films

Four movies I can watch over and over:

* Dirty Dancing
* The Royal Tenenbaums
* The Thin Man
* even though it's not all that great, Almost Famous

Four places I have lived:

* Portland, ME
* Pacifica, CA
* Bennington, VT
* Brooklyn, NY

Four television shows I love to watch:

* CSI (only las vegas. the rest suck.)
* Veronica Mars
* Weeds
* Jakers! the adventures of piggly winks

Four places I have been on vacation:

* Route 66
* Glasgow, Scotland
* Montreal, Canada
* San Francisco, CA

Four of my favorite dishes:

*Macncheese. real, no boxes here.
* winter squash.
* the big gq's mom's crab dip. holy crap.
* ooo. chowder! and cupcakes! ach! i can't choose!

Four websites I visit daily:

* knit and tonic
* google
* nytimesr> * um. let's say, fig and plum?

Four places I would rather be right now:

* home in bed with some tea and my book.
* magnolia bakery getting a cupcake and a capp. or, balthazar getting a croissant.
*making crafts (utilizing my vast rubber stamp collection.)
* morrocco or spain or nicaragua. (places i'd like to visit next, now that i have a passport.)

(at this point, i'm supposed to tag some people. but, i don't know about that. it makes me feel like those chain emails where you have to pass it on to get the joke or jesus' blessing, or that guilt you get from not passing it on, where they might do something terrible to you (they know who i am.). i don't know, i clearly have some sort of pass-it-on-or-else fear here. so, if you want to participate, please do. no guilt from me, friends. none.)

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