12 October 2006

ok, back to politics

(you know you're in maine when...)

i just found this interesting AP article. maine has now changed its rules so that for each referendum, there are going to be three voices for and three voices against. they are not going to edit or change the comments in any way and it's a first come, first serve basis. the comments will be printed in our voter guide. kind of interesting, no? oh, i forgot, it costs $500.00.
so, i decided that i'd try to look at the voter guide. when i googled maine voter guide 2006, i got this. as we can tell, this is not an un-prejudiced source, now is it? interesting, though.
the only voter guide available on the maine state website is how to register, which doesn't really count.
anyhoo, that's all for now. i am still trying to find some good information on referendum question 2, which is lost in the shadow of TABOR. i saw an article in one of the smaller newspapers, but am still tracking down an electronic copy.

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Marcia said...

\/\/here did you get thi$ photo of the moo$e? r there moo$e on the i$land?