16 October 2006

secret pal-secret pal!

hee hee! secret pal is underway. i have both MADE and RECEIVED contact with the spoilee and spoiler. ha. this is fantastic. i have to send my package internationally, so i'm going to drop something in the mail today. gotta make sure my spoilee gets some presents asap.
my spoiler, is that right?, asked me a few maine-type questions. today is the coldest its been so far, but it is so nice and fally. the big gq and i went collecting apples from all sorts of trees this weekend. it was great, he'd shake the branch and it would rain apples. i made delicious apple sauce and froze 5 pints. (get this, i also gave away 4 pints, and we delivered a serving bowl for dinner with the big gq's folks last night. tons o' sauce, my friends, tons.) once i get the pictures off the camera, then i'll put them up here!
i do like halloween, of course, but i more like the making of things happening than the participating. i'm kind of a facilitator-type. i am hoping to help make a really scary house this year and carve some pumpkins. near halloween this year, miss L, who's wedding pictures are below, is hosting a murder-mystery dinner. it is going to be hysterical. the big gq is stressed out because he has to dress as a mummy. for reals.
oh, and guess what? my spoiler is from texas, which i love. just so she knows, i've even been to the big texan and watched someone win that free meat. and swum in a swimming pool shaped like texas. and, you know what else?, they really do have tumbleweed there. fantastic.


Secret said...

A murder-mystery dinner, how fun! I saw some mystery dinner type games at the game store last week, and I thought it would be fun to do.

Also, oh, my goodness, that sounds like a lot of apples! I love apples. My mom has apple trees, and this is my second fall away from home, and I still miss the apples!

velmalikevelvet said...

ah, an interactive secret pal-er (palor? - heh). i'm surpised how many of us are either blogging nothing but our questionnaires, or who aren't interacting w/ spoilees/ers. you set a good example!

Polly said...

aaa I like to see my people making SP plans. That always makes me so happy! /hostessnic