28 December 2006

Here it is, already after Christmas

can you believe it? 2006 has flown by, and so much has happened. the gist of it being: i am now living on an island (surrounded by water) 13 miles out to sea with two cats and one large-sized man. that, my friends, makes 2006 a doozy.
one more set of facts: i have been at my new job for 21 weeks now, we'll say that i haven't been in the office (including holidays and working from home) 9 times. that means that since 10 august 2006, i have taken a boat on 96 days, with an approximate hours-on-the-boat total of 220.8 hours. can you believe that? that is 9.2 full days of boat time. holy crap. no wonder i'm not getting anything done.
anyhoo, i had a swell holiday. much fun and festivities, but i am so relieved to be done. and, for the first time ever, i am fully committed to doing nothing for new years eve. fantastic. i'm going to watch movies and cure myself of exhaustion. and, i am oh-so happy that christmas is another year away.
there is no news on the crafting front, unfortunately. i have been way too swamped with work and holidays and crippling tendinitis to make stuff. boo to that. i did make some holiday truffles, as i do every year, with a new mystery flavor. i'm only going to say that it was delish.
see you!

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