16 December 2006


so, as stated before, i am the worst blogger ever. but, as d.cripple says, you can only do what you can only do.
on the cripple front, i went to the massage therapist for a little pick-me-up, turns out that i've got tons of things happening and i needed some fixin', but, i've had all this pain in my arms and shoulders and neck. turns out? tendonitis. what did i do? knit. and type. so much that i injured myself.
can you believe it? i knit so much that i hurt myself. and now doing things like opening a jar is a monumentous task.
for the last two nights we've had holiday chorus concert. it went pretty well, way better on night #2. my dad, the conductor, had this deal where he made me sing my own part. that is some pressure, friends. pressure.
i'm sure that there's a video of it somewhere, so maybe i'll post it. you'll all weep from laughter, i'm sure.
as piggy is burrowing under my blanket to demand attention, i'm gonna run.
see you!

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Secret said...

Aw, I'm sorry to hear about the tendinitis, Annie. I've got something going on with my hands, too. And guess what! I knit and type all day!

I'm finishing up shopping for the first/second package tomorrow, so let me know if there's anything you want!