07 September 2006

commuter by boat

today was my dreaded meeting with the maine state ferry service. for some reason (revenue) they do not offer a commuter rate. this means that i pay huge amounts of money to go to work everyday. this is not good. i went to their advisory board's meeting today where they poo-poo-ed my suggestion and basically flatly refused to look into finding a solution to the commuter's wallet problems.
(they have been using islesboro as their example of why a commuter rate does not work-- islesboro has about 100 people who commute TO the island for work everyday. on north haven, we have none of those, and we have only me who commutes to work on the mainland everyday. i think the situations are a little bit different. really.)
anyhoo, i'm kind of mad. and a little upset that my pleas fell on deaf ears. however, it means that i have to try harder to change north haven's policies, and perhaps that will affect all of penobscot bay's commuters sometime. maybe?
i hope so.
(i forgot to write that one other bad thing happened today: i smell like kerosene. our monitor leaked onto my bag and i was already at the ferry terminal when i realized. but, one good thing happened: i started knitting myself a green, fuzzy, fall beanie. it'll help my commuting blues.)

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