20 September 2006

this week is inching by

at work we've been sans computers for most of 3 days. the first days was novel and there were things that could be done. this is no longer the situation. and i'd like to print my work so i can MOVE ON, but i can't. so, i'll think nice thoughts and move on to this:
the fantastic, fabulous, common ground fair! yay!
i am going on saturday morning. thus far, the plan is...
1) miss L puts her car on the last ferry on friday. i meet the boat in rockland, and take it off.
2) i return to the island-homestead on the last boat on friday.
3) saturday morning, miss L's dad will take us to rockland before he goes out hauling. this means in the wee hours of the morn and travel across the bay in a swank lobster boat. forget this business with the ferry.
4) we pick up miss L's car, and with the others in tow, we drive for a few hours to the fair grounds, or what-have-you. i'm so excited.
another reason why i'm excited is: blogger is letting me put pictures on again. this week is turning around, it really is.

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