01 September 2006

secret pal 9

hello. i am very excited because today the sign-ups for secret pal 9 open. i've never done one before, but it all seems directly up my alley.
i couldn't think of a good picture for today's SP9 theme, so, i put a frenchie up there. i love them, and would love to have one to call my own. anyhoo, in order to join SP9 i need to have 10 posts on my blog. this is number 9. i hope they let me scooch by. i sure would appreciate it.
i know that you're all waiting on my details from last weekend, but i don't have any pictures yet. i'll share once i do.
happy labor day! power to the worker! hee.

1 comment:

Marcia said...

Hi Annie -
Can't \/\/ait to $ee the pic$ from the \/\/eekend.

Check out the Common Ground Fair $chedule -- cla$$e$ on rug hooking, felting, and producing colored fleece and lot$ of other cool $tuff.