28 September 2006

election 2006

so, while i was living in new york city, i was highly involved with politics. i recently re-registered in maine and realized that i had no idea what was on the ballot. i searched and i searched, but couldn't get anywhere. i figure that i could put together a little summary for those other mainers in a similar situation. (many thanks to my state representative hannah pingree for the info.) without further ado, i give you:
maine ballot summary 2006!
1. Citizen Initiative

"Do you want to limit increases in state and local government spending to the rate of inflation plus population growth and to require voter approval for all tax and fee increases?"

remember? this is also know as the Tax Payer's Bill of Rights, TABOR. There are all those commercials about it? With people from the west dragging brief cases?

2. Constitutional Amendment

"Do you favor amending the Constitution of Maine to state that a citizens' initiative or people's veto petition must be submitted to local or state officials by the constitutional deadline in order to be certified and, in the case of a citizens' initiative, must be filed with the Secretary of State within 18 months?"

personally, i don't know anything about this. when i googled it, i got this link. really, making people file on time is alright with me. the 18 month thing i don't understand. more research forthcoming.

then, we have the candidates to United States Senate:
Incumbent: Olympia Snowe, Republican.
Challengers: William H. Slavick, Undeclared.
Jean Hay Bright, Democrat.

and gubernatorial candidates:
Incumbent: John Baldacci, Democrat.
Challengers: Patricia LaMarche, Green.
Barbara Merrill, Undeclared.
Philip Morris Napier, Undeclared.
Chandler Woodcock, Republican.
so, that's it for state-wide issues. here's a link to all the other local candidates. (the list is offered in a few different forms, click one of the links at the top.)
hope this information helps you!

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