27 September 2006

surprise surprise surprise

um, yeah. so, the big gq and i got the mail yesterday. (which, by the way, still involves using a truck, despite it being delivered "to our house" now. ha. across the street, down the bend. get this, they don't deliver to our side of the street, so no matter what our address, our box is across the way. this island is filled with insanity.)
anyhoo, he's all "oh no, you can't see this." which, of course, means that i'm filled with the pushiest of curiosity. after a few minutes of pestering, he says, well, you can see this. and it's an envelope fom jetblue! yahoo! and, he won't tell me anything else. he did ask when i get to take vacation though-- too bad not til march, eh?
isn't that exciting? i made him promise not to tell me anything no matter what i say. now he's saying that he's trying to lead me astray and there's no airfare involved and that he is full of surprises. i mean, c'mon!
for someone who hasn't really ever given me a present, this is tres sophisticated. don't you think?


megan said...

oooooooh! surprises! that's awesome! i love that greg has a big surprise for you. can you wait til march to find out what it is?

mrs. d said...

greg is suprising? wow this is a new level...have you found anything more out yet?