22 September 2006

first day of fall

so, life on the island has been terrible recently. we've had a two deaths and one near-fatal car accident. all this happened in a three day span, last sunday, monday, and tuesday. the morale is really low out there, and it's kind of hard to be a newbie with little connection to the people who have passed or are injured, as it's so much easier for my life to continue on its regular path.
three things that i'm working on:
  1. still furiously knitting the green, fuzzy fall hat. as it's officially fall now, i really should be closer to done than i am. i'll knit on the boat today, i promise!
  2. claymation. the plans coninue, but will it happen? who can tell?
  3. furious planning of a stampin-up party at the library on north haven. (because the big gq's mom is the librarian, of course.)
oh, and fingers are crossed on trekking to the common ground. miss L is pretty shaken up, so our plans might be changed. sigh.

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