29 September 2006

should you read this book?

no. not really. it is pretty embarrassing that i've read this all. it was bathtub reading for just about 10 months, it was that riveting. i direct all blame for purchase (money was exchanged for this thing) to my mother. not only is the mystery not very mysterious, but the knitting is rudimentary and boring. awe over knitting in the round? i think not. eyelash yarn problems? so passe. this is a resounding two thumbs down. well, at least one and a half thumbs down. however, that business about the skull made of yarn in the basket is pretty sweet, y'all.

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Marcia said...

hey --
I \/\/as just trying to be entertaining!! Don't forget I also introbuced you to the Curious Incident of the Dog at Midnight - and PG \/\/odehouse - and recall that Bingo Little is a \/\/odehoue character.

so I am heading to the Fryeburgh Fair on Friday -- should be GRAND -- and on Friday going to fabulous Celeste's opening - If I had my camera I could take pics and share them \/\/ith you!